General conditions for booking parking at


We: - Parkeringssystem Sverige AB, 559188-2609, 45238 Strömstad

Customer: The person / company listed as a customer in the booking dialog.

Contracting Parties: Upon completion of payment of the products, an agreement is entered into between the Customer and


Current prices are reported on the website in the booking dialog. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in SEK (Swedish Krona) inclusive statutory Swedish VAT. Prices are only valid when booking through the booking dialog online.


Payment is made electronically when booking is made.

Accepted payment is required to have a valid booking.

Fees if you do not leave the spot on time

Fee for use longer than paid parking time:

One-time fee: 800kr.
Thereafter: 400 krfor each additional day.

Customer agrees that we automatically deducts this fee from your bank card.

Terms of Use

Customer is entitled to use a parking space within the specified area for the specified period of time. We guarantee site availability during Customer´s parking time.

Vehicle registration number corresponds to the registration number specified in the booking. Registration number can not be changed afterwards.

Parked vehicle may not be subject to a driving ban. Should this be the case, the vehicle will be deemed abandoned and notified to the municipality for vehicle tow.

Reserved parking will not be refunded and the customer is charged for the booked time whether the car park is used or not. Please note that no refund will be made at unused parking time.

Damage to Vehicles

We are not responsible for any damage that occurs on the car during the parking time.


Reserved parking may not be transferred or leased on without our consent.

We are entitled to terminate the agreement immediate if the Customer violates these General Terms and Conditions. We also has the right to terminate the agreement immediate in the case of non-payment.

In case of termination on account of Customers breach of contract, no refund will be made of booked unused parking time.

Force majeure

Force majeure such as war, riots, labor strikes, blockades, fire, explosion or other which is over and the customers control, free both parties from the obligations arising out of this Agreement, to the extent they can not be fulfilled without unreasonably high costs, as from the obligation to pay compensation.

We disclaims all liability for personal and property damage that may affect the Customer through damage, theft, accidents and the like.


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